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The reason my tech will charge me 3 hours labor is he is going to check the whole suspension and replace busings if needed.

So his estimate to me is fine, I would rather have him take his time, than just slap them in there.

Plus while he is under there, he can make changes to the camber if needed.

Then afterwards I go for an alignment.

I figure that if the springs cost me $125, and the install costs me $160, then $285 to get springs, and with installation is one hell of a cheap price. I could imagine if I had paid $300 for the springs, that an extra cost would be hard to cough up, but for me I'll still be under $300 so its all good.

I tried a spring compressor, and yes it was not the $600 one, but it was a spring compressor noe the less. I compressed one spring down as far as I could and still didn't have it loose enough to pull out, so I figured better let my tech do it, because I don't have the right tools.

Maybe its way easier on a 210 than a 124. I just know that when I get mine done, the cost and time will be well worth it.

This same tech, pulled the tranny out of my Dad's SL, Redid the Front pump and main seal, and had it back in with fluid and filter change and all in half a day.

He fixed the rockers in my brothers 380SL and the brakes in 1 day. He did the gas tank repair in one day too, and he had to drop the whole rear of the car to get the tank out so he could repair the leaking hoses and all.

I think the time and cost is not bad at all. Just because someone can do it in an hour or less means nothing because they have probably done it many times, or they have some $600 tool plus thousands of more dollars worth of the right tools.

I am more than happy to pay my tech whatever he asks for when it comes to the repair on my car. And I do this for good reason. I know he will do it right the first time, and I know his diagnosis is always right on the money. With that kind of service, He deserves what he charges.

Thats my opinion on it.

I'm glad you found a way to do it quickly and have it be cost effective. If thats wht you want to do, then its your right. I'm not that confident when working with large springs, so My choice is to pay to have it done, and let him charge 3 hours labor.

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