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Sorry Mickey but,

I know you are new here and, please take this site as what it is, just a tech help forum. What you do with your car is YOUR choice. I changed the whole front end of my car myself and I am a DIY'er. I knew the risks involved but I gathered as much information as I could on the subject, including the factory manuals. It is "doable" and probably took me longer than a pro but, I enjoyed every "painful" minute of it. At the same time, I am not going to "trash" the techs here because they would charge me an arm and a leg for the service. If you think your mechanic charges too much you have the CHOICE to go somewhere else or do it yourself. However, your point is well taken. I KNOW the job CAN be done in less than 3 hours and most people in this forum also knows that. Knowing that, are we going to change anything? I think NOT!
Have a nice drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic, your choice) and relax a bit.
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