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Mikey, I agree with your point too, if I could do it myself, and I was willing to fork out the dough for the tool, I would do it.

I do know that some claim it takes 30 mins, some claim it takes an hour and a half.

Yes I did get the Neuspeed (Rebranded H&R) springs. I have not had them installed yet. A Blown tire and lost wheel center cap took spot in line for the job, and the cash I was going to use to have it done.

But I will get it done sooner or later. I'm just going to wait to see what my tech says about what my car needs to have done, so I can allocate for that. I.E. Bushings, trans or motor mounts, Thurst links, etc etc.

Getting my springs installed is something I really want to get done soon, but if I have to get other work done, I'll leave the springs until I can afford to do them. If he says nothing needs ot be done, then The springs will go in. I'll just have to wait and see.

I know he'll find some stuff that is worn and needs to be replaced. I especially want to get the shifter fixed (it rocks back and forth under braking/acceleration, so its either shifter bushings, or transmount or something along those lines.), and I think I might be due for flex discs soon too.

As soon as I have a list of needs replacement now and can be done later, I'll put the list in order of importance, and just go down the list until its all fixed.

Geez its hard to save money when you want to spend every dime on the car. hehe

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