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I think all German cars only have one rear fog light in the rear...and only shines on one side...I forgot which side though...but it is the same for BMW and Mercedes-Benz...obviously, the rear light doesn't help you see, but only makes you more visible to the people behind you under heavy fog...I guess the Germans didn't think it was necessary to implement two in the rear...I guess it looks kinda funny...


You don't have the single rear fog light in the rear? That is should be on the W124...your car is equipped with front foglights right? If you click the light switch twice to the right, and pull out once, it engages the front foglights, and if you pull out twice, it will engage the front and back foglights...I'm not familiar with your specific W124 model year...but if after pulling it out twice, and you still aren't gettin' anything in the rear, you might wanna pull open the tail light assembly on the fog light side and check if the bulb is in good condition. However, I am pretty sure your car has a rear foglight too, but if I'm wrong, I apologize in advance, only tryin' to help!

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