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"So i am going to put some lowering springs/8 mm pads on soon, as well as go 16" wheels/tires, and I'll do an alignment then."

And then it will really drive like crap! If you think your tires are affecting the drivability now.... just wait. There is a special treat in those expensive, won't last 20k, tires. They come with permanent steering wheel instability, they will regularlyneed rebalancing, and even the best alignment techs will chase the specs all over trying to keep them from various wear patterns.

The front end on the 124 car does not have the bushing strength to handle efficiently any more than one tire size bigger and the comfort zone won't take any diameter change.

I just straightened out the running on a 560SEC (had a junkyard motor put in by another shop). It was lowered, had seventeen inch wheels, a Koenig conversion on the rear and megawatts in the trunk. What a POS. Wouldn't drive safely over 50mph. Rattled and shaked at every road imperfection, changed toe so bad on braking (control arm bushings deflecting most likely) that it pulled whichever direction it was pointed.

I almost cry when I think of how badly these mods destroy the world's best engineered cars. AND.. the fact that MB has gone mercenary and will now take great chunks of your money to help you into a never ending suspention problem, doesn't justify it.

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