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Are the '85's different??

I've got an '85 wagon that has the same issue as above, a little oil in the bottom of the airfilter. The only connection to the airfilter housing is a single vent from the valve cover housing. I am the original ownwer and have religiously had it on a 5k mile oil change and valves adjusted every 15k. I have never had to add oil between changes and it is never down half a quart at change time. I do use redline from November until April and have no starting problems. I'd use it year round but it's hard to find in the northeast and fastlane never seems to have any.

Although everything runs good, I only get 13" of vacuum and know that this is on the low side. what could I expect from a vacuum pump rebuild in terms of added performance?


PS: My breather hose is a one piece slightly flat (not round) hose directly from the valve cover to the aircleaner housing. Anyone know the correct part # for this and are the '85's different from other years. (part # 617 010 03 70
is the round hose)
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