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Brian K
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Wilton, if the point is to be seen for "safety reasons"
then why don't you drive around with your high beams on all the time (even during the day)? I'd certainly see you then. Or how about with your hazards flashing? No one will miss you then. If you don't drive around with high beams and flashers going, and someone hits you, you're gonna kick yourself, because you'll *know* that if you had that added "visibility" you would have avoided an accident. Your safety is worth it.
And, driving with only 2 fogs on doesn't really get you noticed, now that everyone does that. It time to up the ante with FOUR fogs. Or maybe 2 fogs with those JC Whitney fake xenon blue bulbs in them. Gotta stand out. Take a look at a JC Whitney catalog. Its a HUGE biz, filled with "safety products." Many of which involve putting lights on all conceiveable parts of a vehicle (including a ram's head hood ornament for Dodge Ram trucks, complete with red glowing eyes! That'll really let them see you coming!)
I guess my view of foglights comes from my own personal experience. Confession time: In the mid 80's, when I was 18, I had a BMW 320i, with foglights. Back then, not many other cars had foglights. I drove with them on all the time (well, not during the day). I justified it for "safety reasons" and because it "increased visibility." Even though I knew that as lighting, on clear nights, they did essentially nothing (except light up maybe 5 feet in front of the car, which is useless unless you are going 1 mph). I stopped the practice after a few years, and looking back, I will admit that I did it in an attempt to say "Look at me and my BMW." I now blame it on being a teenager.
Teens do the exact same thing these days, but have had to go far beyond fogs, now that every Pontiac, BMW, MB and SUV go around blazing fogs 24/7. So, the kids do "blue lights", clear lenses with clear lights, and other bizarre things. Say what you want, but it gets them noticed, and can be justified for "safety reasons." Just like foglights, that's nonsense in my book. Its all a capitulation to the base human nature to say "Look at me and my cool car."
People are gonna do what they please, and justify it how they please. That is totally fine. But others are going to have opinions, and that is fine too. My OPINION is that driving around with fogs on in clear whether is silly, childish, discourteous to other drivers, needlessly adding to visual pollution, and illegal in most states, no matter how it is attempted to be justified.
Just my OPINION, formed after at least 10 years of this perennial debate. Lots agree with it, lots don't. One thing, though, people don't usually change sides! Deep inside, we are all either "I need to drive with foglights on" type people or not, it seems! Kinda like being left or right handed, I guess were born with it!
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