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Actually, the rear fog light is a point of contention in Europe. My 300TE has the left rear fog, my Volvo 765 Turbo has right and left rear fogs. Both sides are following their own logic. Germans feels that you want to light up the side nearest the middle of the road so if it's really bad, you know where the edge is you're supposed to be left of while passing. Swedes probably think it makes sense to put all the candlepower you can back there when it's foggy out there.

Perspectives affect alot of decisions. I read that MB never put cupholders in cars until they came to California and saw people sitting in $130k SLs, stuck in traffic, pissed because they had no where to put their coffee or big gulps. Germans like to sit at a roadside cafe, sip coffe at the table, then get in the same SL and haul butt down the autobahn at 150 kph+. Can you see why they thought cupholders were a dumb idea?

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