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The Changin' 'O The Green...

Originally posted by ronald_m
I want to save some money and want to work on my 93 190e 2.6
How many gallons of MB coolant do i need(the green one)
There is NO green MB coolant.

You need Mercedes-Benz Antifreeze Anticorrosion Agent, Part # Q 1 03 0002. It sells at FastLane for $11.98. You will need one gallon of that, and another gallon of store bought distilled water, or the special demineralized radiator water that is available from Pep Boys. Mix 50/50. I also suggest a pre-flush with Mercedes Benz Citris cooling system flush, Part # 000-989-10-25.

Get those leprechauns out of your car's cooling system.
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