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I recently acquired a 1988 560SL that had been in storage five years. Has 20600, yes,20600 miles. I can't do any mechanical work on it, so have to rely on the MB dealer. I'd like some experienced opinions regarding some problems (or possible problems) I'm experiencing so I'll have a better idea of what the dealer in Tampa may tell me.
First the auto trans isn't the smoothest I've seen. I have no experience with Mercedes so may be what I call a problem is merely typical. It seems to go into gear with a "positive" engagement. Not a klunk but more of a mild thud. May be due to the idle rpm at 1100. Sometimes it drops to 800rpm, but trans engagment is the same. Upshifts only OK at moderate acceleration in traffic. Upshift is smoother at more robust acceleration--not drag racing. When slowing down a slight whine can be heard. It goes ayay if you add some throttle, but resumes as you slow down. Not loud but it can be heard.

Next item is the turn signal indicator lights in the dash are so dim they can't be seen in daylight. Neither can you hear the clicking sound when the engine is running. The local dealer says this is normal and there are no brighter bulbs or louder flasher units. That's not an acceptable answer to me.

Finally, there is a slight noise/grating feeling in the brake pedal when backing out of the garage/driveway. On another vehicle (95 Isuzu Trooper)the book says this sound is associated with the self-check of the ABS system. The MB book says nothing of this situation.

Bottom line, should I expect a trans problem and or a brake system problem, or are these things normal?

Will appreciate any comments/advice. Thanks, harcar
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