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Just replaced my accumulators..This is how I did it..

I hope you can follow this instruction I made...This is for a 1987 190E-16V..I believe they are similar in design..


1. Jack up the Left rear side of the car, make sure the handbrake is engaged. Put block in front and back of one of the wheels to prevent the car from rolling. Also put a jack stand under the car for safety.

2. Put old newspaper under a wide opening container below the cells/ accumulators to catch dripping hydraulic fluids.

3. Loosen the smaller nut at the side of the cell first and let the fluid drain for a couple of minutes then remove the nut. At this point the system is without pressure, loosen and remove the larger nut at the end of the cell. Do not loose the 2 washers, otherwise you will have a leak later. Remove the 4 mounting bolts and remove the cell. Watch out for leftover fluids in the cell. Installation is reverse.

4. Follow same procedure with the right side. It is actually easier because of more room to work with.

5. Remove the jack stand and lower the car.

6. This is how to drain the reservoir. (Others might have a better idea) Get a syringe or aspirator with a flexible tubing at the end and suction the fluid from the reservoir. Then replace the fluid in the reservoir with fresh hydraulic fluid ĺ full. (Make sure to use the recommended type.) At this point start the car and open the trunk, sit on the lid and bounce the rear of the car, occasionally checking on the reservoir level. Take the car on a test drive and enjoy your new suspension. Check the fluid level and the cells for leaks. Thatís it, I hope this help.


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