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Hello everybody I am a new member to the forum, I purchased an 88 300E last week, and I am trying to correct some problems. I have three questions that I would appreciate any help with:

First, there is a switch next to the fuse box under the hood which gets activated when the hood opens. I found three wires under the switch that are disconected. They are brown color and have white and red stripes (if I remember correctly). Can anybody tell me which wire connects where?

Second I need to get a new air clener housing (the bottom plastic part) because the one I have is broken. Where can I find one other than the dealer?

Finally, on the heater hose line at the drivers side firewall there is a "part" that on its body has three hose connections. There is a hose that comes from the back of the engine block and connects to one side of this "part". On its other side another hose exits again and goes into a hole in the firewall (next to the fuse box) and the third connection is a smaller diameter hose that connects to a metalic line going to the water tank. My question is: How is this "part" called? I am asking because its broken and i need to replace it but I do not know what to ask for.

Thanks for any haelp.
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