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Tranny install sound right?

We've tried to put an '87 5-speed tranny off a 2.3 onto a '90 2.6 (used to be auto). We're picking the thing up manually. We can get the tranny through the clutch (can't turn the output shaft), and lined up with the engine.

The problem is that we can't get the bellhousing to mate to the engine. We'll push on the tranny and it'll move towards the engine, then we hear a "clank" and the tranny won't move forward any more. There's a gap of about 1/2 or 3/4 of an inch that just won't close.

The question: Does this sound like a "normal" experience? Our guess is that we're hitting the pilot bearing incorrectly. The other possibility is the sleeve around the tranny input shaft is hitting the clutch disc. Anyone have any tips to get over this hump?
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