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Originally posted by David C Klasse
I drive with my front fog lights on at night time because I can see better. I can see farther in front of me and I can see better off to the side.

Rarely, do I use the rear fog light, only in the rain.

I sometimes drive with my fog lights on during the day just to make me more visible to other drivers. I really don't see what the big deal is. I don't do it to be seen in my Mercedes, just to help avoid an accident.
Your front fogs do not help you see further ahead at night. Check out the beam pattern. They throw a pool of light about 25 ft forward and 10 ft to each side. They are designed to be used where visibility is 100 yds or less and assist you in those circumstances by showing where the curb is. Your dipped beam stretches much further ahead but in foggy conditions is reflected back by the fog.

Using your rear fogs in rain is very dangerouse. The glare they give off--especially when viewed through a rain soaked windscreen--makes it difficult to see your brake lights come on.

You think your front fogs ensure that I see you as you approach from behind. They do, but they dominate the view in my rear view mirror so that I cannot immediately perceive other following traffic.

If I am following you, your rear fog light makes it difficult for me to see your brake lights coming on instantly; my ability to react is diminished; the likelihood of me rear ending you is increased.

Why do you think every driving manual, every driving course, and every driving expert says that you should only use your fog lights when visibility is 100 yds or less? Come to think of it, why do you think they're called fog lights?
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