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Hello, again, another problem...

I just parked my car for 15 min and returned to the car to find out it wouldn't start. Ran fine this morning, called CAA to give me a boost (figured I left the lights on or something) Checked the car for any exposed wires, then tried to start it again and it did, as if nothing was wrong.

This happened about a week ago when I was working on the car. Figuring I drained the battery, I got a boost to start the car, and then after only idling for 5 minutes the battery seemed fully charged.

I know this car doesn't start unless the shifter is in "P". I'm thinking maybe there's some electrical glitch in the shifter. Other than this, I can't seem to figure out what might be wrong.

Any ideas on what to check ?

I recently replaced my ignition coil. But when it won't start, there's no power at all, not even a slow turn. NOTHING, just dead.

Please Help.



1976 230.4 W115

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