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My car had a slight miss at idle since the work on the timing
chain rails. I got a new rotor, cap and plugs. When I took
number 7 plug wire off, it was extremely loose. After changing
the plug, I was unable to put the wire back on with the same
positive lock as the other plugs. In fact, it is very loose.
I have worked on the boot for an hour and still can't get it.
Has anyone had this problem? I am thinking that I should
try to tap a screwdriver into the plug boot, (carefully),
to try to expand the hole. The problem at this plug is
mainly that the exhaust manifold is in the way so I can't seem
to get the right angle on the plug boot. I can see that the
end of the plug is contacting the metal in the boot and not
slipping into the right spot.
I'm going to try it again later when I'm not so frustrated, (and disappointed).
Advice and encouragement is appreciated!
1967 250SL
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