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It's fixed

Greetings All,

I appreciate all the input that was provided as well as additional conversations. I got the baby fixed today, vacuum pump repair kit that is. Mine was a single diaphragm that is part number 586 41 43 from Parts Shop, and I must admit they got it to me quick and the part was accurate, Thanks Guys. If your vacuum pump has two lines coming off of it, one black going to the brake booster, and one clear going to the air filter lid, then this repair kit is what you need to get things back into order, vacuum wise. What happens when you get a small tear in your diaphragm is that it will start sucking oil from the engine mounting seal and with a vacuum applied to it, it's pretty easy to do. You may or may not see the oil travel through the clear tube to the filter housing, but if you remove it from the lid, it will surely puff oily fumes and start dripping oil after it's warmed up. The volume of air is actually more if it's leaking because it's not appling the proper vacuum to the system as it should. You also need not remove the entire pump for this repair, if you have agile or smaller hands that is. You can remove the outer bell where the diaphragm is located and replace it from there. An offset screwdriver is almost a must though if you choose this route. I'm pleased with how it all came off and went back together without any hitches. Don't forget to pull the old spacer washers off the old diaphragm and put on the new. They may be hard to get off but they aren't threaded, so just pull on them to release them from the old diaphragm rubber. Entire job can be done in less than an hour. The poppet valves that hold the vacuum as well as act as check vales can be cleaned an reused, they're made out of teflon or plastic, so wear isn't a real big factor.

Thanks Guys,


Good weather permitting, the valve seals get replaced tommorrow.

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