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Thanks for the excellent technical reply.

So what are the specs for the ignition control unit for a 89 300e? Does is only allow output 6 amps? If it is older unlimited unit, what is the max current draw it can handle without being overloaded?

I guess I could have the ignition scoped out to see what the output voltage to each of the plugs are. If they are at or above the 35kV level, then the coil is getting charged correctly. I just need to make sure that it is not drawing too much current IF my control unit is the unlimited type.

From the results I got along with what the other member experienced, (smoother idle, pulls stronger, etc) there is something different with the spark being generated at idle, bigger and stronger. Since the engine does not miss at the higher RPMs, then the coil is also delivering a spark with more current and energy in the upper range as well.

So as long as I am not drawing too much current from the control module, then I should be OK.... right?


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