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I agree with hudoff. Quality has declined out of proportion to the cost we pay nowadays.

It is the global effect of cost-cutting where everyone is doing something not for the love of creating, but for the love of economics.

All they're concerned about the is the ultimate cost of production (quantifiable) versus the cost of satisfaction (priceless but sadly, measured by the volume of sales, where higher sales = higher satisfaction). But irs a load of bull****.

Look at our houses built today. Cracks start cropping up on its first anniversary.

Houses built just after WW2 still stand strong and solid.

The bottom line is, the workforce of yesteryears put more pride and responsibility to the work they invest in. Today, we just do so, coz we're protected by unions and minimum wage/working hours control.

I suppose its quality living for everyone at the expense of quality production. But I just can;t agree with my own statement.

Someone prove me wrong, please.

... Kerry

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