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Thumbs up Easy fix on climate control on an '85 300D

Thought I would put this in it's own post in addition to the other long post it's written about. Been trying to get climate controls working, had access to a used control unit and blower fan, put both of those in with no change, no voltage at the fuses, was going to post with a question about where to start looking next, and then while turnig the car off it comes on full blast for a second! After some experimentation it turns out the ket will stay turned a tiny bit to the right of the normal run position after starting which breaks the connection to the climate controls. Maybe it's designed to temporarily cut off the current to the AC during starting and the lock cylinder spring has aged enough to not fully return the the run position fron the start position. So, if your unit seems totally dead it could be a key problem, not a problem in the unit itself...
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