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Charles, I have come up with two master link part numbers. I don't think that the timing chain comes with the master link normally, so you have to order it, and you can probably order either style.

Fastlane lists this as the "ballpeen crimp style master link", 000 997 23 98 for $1.43 OE by Iwis, same as the chain.

Another website lists this part number for the master link, and calls it "master link for diesels early style"
000 997 02 98 for $1.47. This number when entered manually at the Fastlane comes up with a part with the same price as the one above. So it is possible they are the same part?

My 617.95 engine manual makes no mention of crimping, it shows a master link with two lock washers and they should be in the front of the timing chain.
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