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My first answer would be to get the 124 chassis CD-Rom. I am not sure whether it would be in it though. I have a book about a half inch thick which lists codes for systems through 1993.

I usually get codes for systems from the Diagnostic Manual. This is a large group of books that are rather expensive and covers systems not chassis, as a result one must have them all to cover all systems.

If you don't mind waiting, email me with your request during the workday and I will make a list. Be sure to say which system you are looking at.

I don't know what kind of reception you will get but if they let you pay the $15 archives fee, the MB technician website has this info and much more at .

Speaking of codes, I just finished another article for April's "Import Car" trade publication. As an article it is probably the least technical of the group. From an information issue it may be the best. It goes into the diagnostic functions available (without tools) through manipulation of the incar pushbutton control unit. When it is in print I'll see if they want it in the DIY section.

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