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I just recently bought a 1984 300 TurboDiesel. So far, I love it. Several things I need help with and an understanding of so I know how to proceed.

The transmission works pretty good on acceleration. On downshifting, there is a pronounced "clunk" between 1 of the downshift gear changes. It does not do it if you brake hard to stop.

There is a high pitched whine coming from the rear end. I changed the fluid to 85W 90 Synthetic Hypoid oil but I may not have put enough in... Also, I noticed that the right axle shaft has play in it back and forth between the brake assembly and where the splines go into the center carrier.

Also, there is just in the last couple of days a lot of creaking and groaning noises coming from the front suspension on both sides. Is that likely to be from ball joints, coil springs or the shock absorbers? It seems to be pronounced when I go over bumps or when I turn the wheels.

Lastly, the radio does not receive that many channels and the only way to tune it is with the auto search tune button. I cannot figure out how to manually search for stations... I love to listen to that engine but given the amount of driving I do, I am getting a bit bored! One other point on the radio. If I turn it on right as I am starting the vehicle, there is a popping noise at a regular intervals that stops if I turn off the radio and then turn it back on. What would cause the popping and how can I tune it manually?

Thank you for your reply!

John Harrison
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