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Climbing on to my soapbox:
You have recently purchased one of, if not the best, automobiles in the world. Most of the models are made up of complex and highly designed/executed systems with very tight tolerance specifications. You want to perform maintenance and repair procedures, presumably to save money and derive pleasure.
One of the least expensive tools you can now purchase is/are the owner's manual and a complete set of maintenance and repair manuals. If you found this site, you can find a seller of these manuals.(hint,hint)
Before you spend a dime on parts or fluids [excepting fuel/gas, perhaps;-)], it would be wise to acquire the manuals. Reading and understanding these tools can be difficult enough, but there are a bunch of great, selfless people, here, and on other forums who can and will help with the "translation".
A new world is waiting to be discovered by you. Don't go out without a map and a compass! The manuals are your "map"; this and other forums are your "compass".
Stepping off of my soapbox.

P.S. I currently maintain my MB and: 98 Jetta GLS, 88 Subaru DL wagon, 89 VW Fox.
In the past: 87 Civic, 88 528e, 87 Acura Legend, 86 Bronco II, 84 Bronco II, 81 Accord, 84 YZ 490, 83 IT 490, 80 CR80, 87 YZ125, 85 250XC Husky, 83 DR250, 72 Pontiac LeMans, 65 Bronco, 66 C10, 61 Power Wagon, 62 Impala SS, 61 'Vette, 66 Caprice, 57 BelAir, 62 VW Bug, 61 VW Camper, 47 CJ2A, Farmall "H", 2 John Deere "B's"; all with manuals. I learned the hard way with lawn mowers in my pre-teens. BTW, I'm 48 years old and still learning, still reading, still messin' up.
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