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We can't just demand and think they'll supply us with what we want. You think the guys at MBUSA don't cruise this site? Most people on this site own MB's with many many MANY miles on them and they expect their cars to take them another jillion miles. Face it guys, we're not the people who influence the big guys. We complain about not being able to order tex interiors anymore, but when push comes to shove, I don't think there are enough of us to even make them sell us the raw materials.

Also are we willing to pay for what you demand? Basically what we want is a master coachman fitting our body panels together. Next time you walk by a tailor, go ask him how much it costs for a suit. Craftsmanship is rare and getting more and more expensive these days. I'm afraid the days of custom fitted gusseted leather trim are gone. Take heart in the fact that you can at least get yourself a nice pair of Pradas for your feet

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