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I recently bought an 83 300D Turbo with a host of small problems most I was able to fix but there is one that is really bugging me.A brand new battery is dead after 2 days
of no driving and only idleing in driveway.I got the brand new battery checked and it was low but good.I got it rechared.It started the car once and would not start again.I only get the clicking sound now(bad starter or solenoid I assume).In doing some checking around the starting circuit I see a device just below the radiator return resovoir that looks like some type of starter relay or a voltage relay.Can anyone identify it for me.I had an 81 300D,but I don't recall seeing that part.The Hanes manual never mentions this device. In looking at the wiring to this device it doesn't seem like the other wires that Mercedes uses.Please advise,thanks in advanced

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