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It's not ALL about looks. The 400E is a helluva car. As long as I've owned it though, there seemed to be something lacking in it's suspension. I installed the springs and what a difference in handling it made. Cars are designed for the average driver in mind...which means everyone from grandma to grandkid. I don't want to drive the AVERAGE car, though. I want to drive something that has been tailored to ME. Therefore, I modify the vehicle to fit MY driving style. So far, I have improved the engineering in the suspension of this car, not compromised it. I don't see how lowering the center of gravity of the car to improve stability and handling compromises the integrity of the vehicle whatsoever. And, to be honest, the ride of the car hasn't changed. As far as the camber goes, I know it's going to be a problem. But, I'm going to use my creativity, and possibly the creativeness of those on this forum, to come up with a solution to this problem without spending 500 dollars for an "adjustable" control arm set. you condone the use of window tint? Why didn't MB tint my windows from the factory? Lord knows those UV rays kill interiors. Perhaps because if MB did ALL the little things to this car to make it almost perfect, it wouldn't cost 55K but maybe 155K. Understand what I'm saying?
I have noticed that the reason problems arise on this forum (which happens rarely) is because when members ask for help, or advice, others reply offering their ignorant, self-centered opinions which are COMPLETELY irrelevant to the thread. I don't recall asking in my post, "Hey guys, what are your opinions of installing sport springs?" I asked for advice on a how-to project. Offering offending opinions is nothing more than an exhibition of one's own boredom and ignorance that causes problems. We are all here becuase we love MB vehicles and offer support when car problems or questions arise. Let's not forget that.

Just an observation........

Peter Balias
1992 400E
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