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As a novice I suppose it is easy to NOT SEE the difference your modifications make. This is the reason for my comments, maybe I will save some poor soul.

I get numerous private e-mail every day asking my opinions, all of which are free. So were my comments to your post. When I make a reply on these forums I make a professional judgement as to how I can best influence those who are listening. My honest opinions, whether they suit you or not, are made for the total audience. If I appear contrary its because I have no interest in PC conversations. To tell you the truth, I highly believe in controversy, it brings all sides to an issue.

If you don't like my point of view, consider it the view of a dogmatic, old man and do as you please.

As to MB making a general car, what hogwash. They make very specific models that do exactly as they were intended. They can't be simply improved on. Changing springs without doing the rest of the engineering; shocks, stronger bushings, and appropriate geometry is a kids dream. The fact that you don't recognise the difference biases your credability when you say it isn't just looks; hogwash again.

BTW, I hate window tinting. To each his own!
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