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I've posted my high idle problem on my 380sel earlier.
I had replaced many parts as suggested by the members here.
I've replaced idle speed control unit 002 545 40 32. I've replaced idle speed actuator 000 141 14 25. My mechanics ( 2 different one) has checked almost all - throttles, cables etc etc.
Still my idle speed is sitting on 1300 rpm. I'm afraid my transmission will be wrecked soon as the car jerk in between gear shift due to the high idle.
One mechanic even suggested I convert my whole idle system to a manual adjustable version bypassing the electronic control system. I understand Mercedes made different version for different countries.
Should I go ahead with this or is any kind people here be able to help me if you have similar experience.
My engine is 116 962 version (Hong Kong). I'm residing in Australia now. The Australian idle speed version operates on the manual one.
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