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I am trading my old (less than trusty after reviewing the service history) 1987 300D since its mechanic informed me the next ransom would be 4 to 5k for all sorts of fun stuff (mostly engine.....there is oil in the coolant). Anyway, before I drop 4k into the thing I thought I'd take a look and see what I could buy for a reasonable sum.

I found a pristine 1990 300TE w/139k on it at a Mercedes Signature dealer in Palo Alto. Asking price is 12.9; mid blue book. This is where I bought my current car. I want a wagon but DON't want the self levelling rear suspension; can the more expensive TE rear suspension be changed out to E parts so I can put Bilsteins on the thing? Or, is there a better solution? What about springs? I've a set of unopened springs for my 300D and wonder if they will fit on the 1990 300TE (fronts, probably, but rear???).

What about stereo speakers on the TE? Where are the rear speakers and what is their size? If I pull my 5.25" ADS speakers (and 4" from dash) out of the current 300D is there anywhere to put them in the TE?

Sorry for the long missive; am grieving for my diesel. I am sure it will be like a pretty girl, though; once I have the next one I won't much remember the smelly, slow diesel.


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