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My wife is noticing the problems, and suggested I sell the W124 and keep the SD.
W124 problems seem to cost more than W126 problems, for both parts and labor.
I told her that my SD is akin to my wife, and the TE is my girlfriend. This way I have no time (or money ) for a warm-blooded human girlfriend... after telling her this she dropped the subject ...
Maybe you should bring your SDL to my house and we can trade my SD for your velour SDL... and I can sell my gas wagon to pay for the repairs to the SDL and buy diesel fuel for the next 10 years... but then I might end up with a human girlfriend, no wife, no home, and no money ... never mind
HAHAHA, too funny...........mine never questions my *expertise*
BUT, her 1989 260E still draws complements from her friends, so I must be doing something *right*
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