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Is it Capitalist vs Environmentalist

It is not just CARB. Three other states outlaw diesel engine cars. One is New York I donít know the other two. I believe CA and NY are the two most populous states. MB, and probably other car companies are reluctant to import to the US with such limited market access.

Now both MB and Volkswagen appear to be positioning their diesel products in the hope of braking through the State imposed barriers; Mercedes with Jeep Liberty and E320 CDI and soon Volkswagen with an expanded offering to include the V10 diesel Toureg (faster than a Cayenne). The thousands of MB Sprinters now operated by FedEx and UPS are likely to help build the credibility of diesel cars as being clean, efficient and durable.

If demand for diesel were suddenly as strong here as in Europe, and Americans were allowed to buy diesel cars at the same rate, The American Auto and Oil companies would be in trouble. Detroit would be in far deeper trouble because they are not ready to build diesel cars. They have failed to develop the technology. The oil companies would be much more adaptable. We have seen time and again that motor fuel prices are easily manipulated under the guise of 'supply and demand' response.

If one can be a moral capitalist, an environmentalist, a darwinist, a republican, and a patriot all at once, then one might think that Detroit should either adapt or die. And furthermore, that any lobbying activity or other political activity of great consequence to our nation, such as fuel choice, should be done in a free and open manner.

A close examination of the state agencies that are putting the diesel barriers in place is in order. Of special interest will be the special interests who lobby them. I will be shocked if there is no Motown presence. I will appreciate any guidance on how to sort them out.
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