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No question that particulates are a concern with diesel emissions, but there are technical solutions and many of the new European diesels have Particulate Filters built into their exhaust system.

To put matters into perspective however, it would take a huge number of people to convert to diesel cars before there was any significant increase in measurable particulate emissions. That is because the majority of the problems come from all the big Diesel trucks and railway locomotives, etc., all of which are pretty much EXEMPT from any emissions regulation.

New technology Diesel cars have relatively low emissions, are far more economical and will pollute far less than gasoline SUV's getting much lower MPG's. As usual California (and other states) have taken a small specific issue that keeps them in the headlines, while ignoring the bigger picture of Industrial and Commercial-Vehicle pollution which continues almost unchecked.

Another reason that The Domestic manufacturers are not pushing Diesel technology is the general public's long memories over the GM Diesel engine fiasco of the eighties!!

Let's hope the cleaner low sulphur diesel fuel (although nowhere near as clean as current European standards) in 2006 will encourage more manufacturers to make diesel models available.
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