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you wnat that diesel???/ read this

what do you want? TDi Jetta, Golf, Passat? Well there is a dealer here is town that has tons of them right now!! boucher vw on washington(rte 20) in racine wis. pay for the car, title it to me and i will drive it for you the first 7500 miles and deliver it to you and sign the title to you.

i will even buy my own fuel and burn b20 or b100 in it for you after the dino is gone. i can plan the trip so i hit bio stations all the way across the country. as a matter of fact i have the trip planed from racine to santa rosa to visiit the in laws if i ever get enought time off from the school bus driving gig.

pay my airfare home and thats it. no cavier, no champagne, no first class just airfare.

you can reach me at the email on my profile. one customer at a time please.
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