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Originally Posted by psfred
California's air pollution laws are anything but excessive -- all you have to do is sit on Mt. Baldy and watch the brownish black air blow up the valley to understand just how bad the air really is. You can SEE the air it's so bad.

Suburbs and freeways should have been banned in the 50's out there.

Before you complain about the environmental laws, you should experience the consequences of not having them -- changes your mind a bit.


Hey our air is not that bad WITHOUT the lunacy of CARB.............

the standard Federal emmisions standards are fine as they are.

Besides, You can harp on the benifits of carb all you want, You living in Indiana means it doesn't affect you directly. If the Car manufacturers got together and collectively told CARB to stuff it and refuse to sell new cars there, ................See how long it would take for there to be an uprising against them and then CARB would be a thing of the past.
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