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when i was test-driving my car before i bought it, i noticed that the gas pedal was more upright than most other cars, and thought that it might unncessarily strain my right foot.

Then, cruising on the highway, it all made sense: at 130k (81mph), the right foot on the gas is at the same plane as the left foot on the dead pedal, both in the relaxed position. This, with the large steering wheel which puts your arms straight ahead of your shoulders (instead of angled inwards), makes for a very relaxed position, ideal for long-distance driving at speed. Moreover, the 130kph marker/speedo needle near the 12:00 position, as if it were optimized for that speed.

The seats are another revelation. They are firm, but after 4hrs of driving continuously, i noticed the absence of any backstrain.

a shortcoming though of the W201 is the wind noise and susceptibility to sidewinds.

pedal to the metal!
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