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Originally Posted by mikemover
Right on target, bro.

Our main electricity supplier here in Atlanta and the surrounding area, Georgia Power, puts out more air pollution, water pollution, and solid waste pollutants than ALL of the cars in the metro area COMBINED! And that's just one company! There are factories, refineries, and utility companies of all types that are belching out WAY more pollution than cars ever have.

Then there's trucks, city busses, school busses, trains, planes, tractors and other farm equipment, heavy construction equipment, generators, incinerators, lawnmowers/weedeaters/chainsaws/leafblowers/etc. (surprisingly gross polluters!), military vehicles...... all of which are completely unregulated by the EPA or CARB, and all of which are putting out more air pollution than modern cars AND well-kept older cars like our trusty old MB diesels.

The clueless diesel car haters are barking up the wrong tree.

The main problem is you can't fight big business-big business= big bucks and big bucks can get you anything in this country. The government will protect them to the bitter end.

And about the hybrids-I don't see it catching on at all out here in the sticks. Maybe in the cities, I don't know. There is one hybrid in this area and, after looking it over, I must say God help you in the event of an accident. You'd have more protection driving a beer can.

Isn't Honda or Toyota coming out with a new diesel that meets U.S. requirements? Thought I read that somewhere recently.


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