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i just got the car back from the MBZ mechanic (who happens to be the same mechanic who serviced the car while owned by the current owner - he [current owner] stopped going to the guy because he felt he was being ripped off with $68.00 oil changes. i have to assume there MUST be more than that but that's all he's [the owner] said)

anyway, i met the guy and he only services Mercedes (with the occassonal BMW thrown in. in fact he had some beautiful cars in his garage: 2 450d[s], 280sel, 300d, BMW 733, etc.,...) and i spoke with him for a while and he seemed okay. very straighforward but friendly. was really stern about keeping up maintenance on these cars.

any Los Angeles/Hollywood people out there (needle in haystack much!) have any opinions on Hollywood Foreign Car Services (on Gower)? just curious.

his diagnosis:

1. shudder in reverse IS DUE to necessity for new motor mounts. (not crucial for the operation of the car TODAY but is something that will need to be done sooner rather than later.)

2. needs new front brake pads and ALL brakes need new hoses.

3. needs steering bolt coupling and fluid (steering is a bit loose)

4. AC needs a new compressor (something to work towards as we get closer to the spring) and the heater does not work (servo control assembly needs to be replaced). Expensive but heater is not a major factor here in Los Angeles.

6. + 7. needs new driver door stop, would change fluids and filters,

overall, while i didn't tell him what the owner wants for the car now (turns out he himself offered to buy the car from the owner two years ago but the owner wanted $4000 for it - what he paid for the car) he seemed pretty high on the car overall. thought it was in great shape and seemed to stress that the ONLY major things to take care of were the steering coupling (approx $250.00 w. labor), brake pads and hoses (approx. $350.000. w. labor), and for smoother shifting and driving new motor mounts ($300.00 w. labor)

body, electrical, transmission, paint, engine are in very good condition according to him. no visible rust.

i think i'll offer $2500 and see what happens (again, owner already said he would take $3000 and then said he would be open to me offering a price. KellyBlueBook private party value on this [and they only went back as far as 84] is $2300. also, he's been sitting on this for almost three months and seems somewhat impatient with this process and he already has another car that he want to put in his parking space. given the work needed immediately, i think this seems fair.

thoughts anyone?

p.s. - i'm looking forward to being more hands on with this car. to slowly become a DIYer.
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