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Well, I'm beginning to lean towards a standard TE now, the 4-matic just seems too particular. I'm in NW Arkansas, so we do get the weather. Just past December we were snowed in for several days, but it doesn't happen enough to warrant a AWD/SUV type vehicle.

My shop (independent, not dealer) has a 1988 300TE with 175k miles. I plan on taking it for a spin when I go pick up my C280.

If its in good-high condition, what's a fair price? I checked and Retail was $9,625 and Trade-In was less than $5,000. I never understood those prices.

Should I be looking for typical 300E probs with this one?
Will it have the auto-leveling rear suspension?

Is there a FAQ on this site that has 300E "common problems"?

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