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The TE is mostly an E with changes for the wagon. I recommend you spend some time reading this site for the major issues. In brief, and in part, they are related to AC, head gasket, oil consumption, cooling system (the radiator develops cracks where the big hoses attach), and to a lesser extent, vacuum system leaks (door locks and multi-contour seats if it has them), and exhaust system (good for about 100K give or take). A car with 175K on it will be on itís second set of almost everything wearable, and about ready for its third set. IMO itís worth the investment of several thousand dollars to keep the car in good to excellent shape if the need be there. BTW, one great way to fix most of the wearable suspension items at one swoop is to install a Sportline kit. It will also provide the tech with an excellent opportunity to closely examine the entire underside of the car. You will get a mostly new, high performance suspension out of the deal. This site can provide you with all the details for a Sportline kit. Also, I'm not sure if that year uses the self-leveling suspension. If it does you'll only be able to use the front end components for Sportline. Still worth it! Also don't be too worried about the rear suspension. It works *extremely* well and is one of the most low to no maintainance items in the car.

BTW, Iím not saying that this car will have a lot of issues. Merely that given the number of miles, the opportunity is thereÖ.

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