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That's a pretty short list of needed repairs. Sounds like a winner at $2500 , but , in your neck of the woods especially, if you miss this one you will find another eventually. Many of these are in nice condition in the west. The one I bought in SoCal seems perfectly rust free. I even found a rust-free 77 280SE in upullit that spent all but last year in SanJose and grabbed most of the sheet metal from that last weekend (50% off sale!!! )

Just be prepared to replace all the rubber /suspension and steering items if you keep the car any length of time.

The way I look at it- these car are 20+ years old. I am 50. I intend to keep them and drive them for at least 10 , hopefully 20 years. If I bite the bullet and replace all the wear items sooner rather than later , I will have a virtually new car that rides and performs like it was designed. If I did nothing sometime within the next 10 years something would fail and I would have to replace it then, probably at a higher cost. Since all of this rubber has lasted 20+ years, I would expect I will only have to replace it all just one time in the next 20 years. And by then we'll all be running things on hydrogen or...?
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