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This is a posting from a while back. If you would like to build your own, I will dig around for some old emails on the topic.

I store pull off mine with a hoist and just leave it in the cieling until I need it again. I have both a 190SL and a 230SL and store both tops up high. The two important benifits of a cieling mount is that you can do the work yourself (my wife is not strong enough to help) and it
saves floor space in your garage (never big enough). My latest addition is to add four eyes to the cieling so
that I could lift each corner of the top higher than the hoist would lift it. You can buy a hoist or you can make
one fairly inexpensively. Buy a small four fall block and tackle fron Home Depot, cartop hold down clips from Sears,
1 inch nylon webbing, "D" ring and buckles from your boat store and you are in business for about $40.

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