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Would appreciate any insight regarding this alignment fix scenario.

Wheel Works shop in SF, CA recommends installing (longer?) MB adjustment bolts to allow my vehicle to be set in specs. I've not heard of this before and am wondering if this is kosher and reasonable? My car drifts a little to the right currently (stock size 195/65/15 Pirelli P6000 Summer tires and stock wheels, non-Sportline suspension with no mods.

Price for bolts is $16.95 each they said needs 4 of them (two each side) and two hours labor @ $80/hr to install. Does this seem reasonable?

My computer print out reads:

Camber: Left(-0.9) Right(-.01) *Outside range -0.8 to -0.3
Caster: Left(9.5) Right(10.1) *Outside range 9.7 to 10.7
Toe: Left(0.19) Right(0.17) *in range 0.08 to 0.25
SAI: Left(14.6) Right (14.2) *no range parameters
Included Angle: Left(13.8) Right(14.0) *no range parameters
Turning Angle Diff Left(....) Right(....) *range-1.58 to -0.58

Cross Camber: (-0.7) *Outside range -0.3 to 0.3
Cross Caster: (-0.5) *Outside range -0.5 to 0.5
Total Toe: (0.36) *in range 0.17 to 0.50

Camber: Left(-2.2) Right(-0.8) *no range parameters
Toe: left(0.16) Right(0.20) *in range -0.07 to 0.49

Total Toe: (0.37) *in range 0.25 to 0.59
Thrust Angle: (-0.02) *in range -0.30 to 0.30

Do these readings indicate any significant suspension wear issues and is the proposed fix kosher, reasonable and priced reasonably? Also wondering if any wear issues and/or this fix may be covered under the Starmark warranty?

Thanks in advance for your insight.
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