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The left front Camber is the problem. The cross caster is acceptable and would make the car go to the left if at all. The cross camber is wrong and it is making the car go to the right. The proper arrangment would be to achieve higher camber on the left than the right with .5 degrees being the acceptable maximum. This will require getting the left side up and maybe reducing the right side.

I don't know what they are talking about with the bolt kits. I have never seen a 124 body without cams on the front control arms. The 210 chassis does need bolt kits as there is no built in alignment (no cams). The hole the bolt goes through is oval (just like cars with cams). The bolt kits have washers with plugs built into the back that moves the bolt to one side of the oval or the other (pos or neg).

BTW the camber in the rear is also wrong but probably isn't the cause of the pulling. There should only be .5 deg difference side to side even though their isn't specs in aftermarket books. The reason for no specs is because the camber is gotten from a chart that bases camber on ride height. In the current thread about lowering cars there are some places to buy adjustable camber links. I think that I would fix the right side even though I don't know the height. Two degrees is too much.
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