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I just reread what I wrote and realized that I said to adjust the right rear. I meant to say the left rear (the side that was -2.2 degrees.

BTW check to see if you do have cams where the control arm bolts to the frame. It is likely that all four cams will have to be adjusted as the movements necessary on the front cams to get camber right will decrease the cross caster. The cross caster needs to stay about the same or at least .5 degree. The problem is that as you make the right side lower in camber with the front cam the caster will decrease a small amount. The left side will gain in caster as the camber is increased. I have done it so many times I very seldom need to do a cam twice. Those unfamiliar with the operation may have to experiment.

BTW its possible that ideal conditions won't be able to be had which may require a compromise. I would be less concerned with the actual camber than the difference. Just remember to have a .5 deg cross camber with the high side on the left and have a .5 cross caster with the low side on the left.
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