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It is over a week now and am still waiting on a belt tensioner. I reached my, I-can-no-longer-be-patient limit and called the dealer and emphatically expressed my severe frustration with their (lack of)service.

He then tells me, "they were not informaed this was a rush part."

I said, "rushed?" How about just being timely? Silence.

Do I have to ask to get your best service? Do you need to be reminded on every order there may be someone waiting for there vehicle to be repaired? Silence.

Can you tell me this is good service? Silence.

It would be different if this were an isolated incident, but this happens with every order. Silence.

Getting parts for my cars is the single most frustrating part of ownership. It has a large impact on ever buying another MB again. If this were my only vehicle, it would be sold. My income is directly commensurate with my ability to drive and down time is very expensive (which is why I have more than one).

This is a component of "quality" as discussed in another thread, and MB is failing miserably.

Not feeling better, I need to kick the heavy bag.

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