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Originally Posted by WannaWagon
Instead of encouraging farmers to grow biodiesel-ready crops, we basically put them on welfare to grow other crops in surplus, crops for which there is no domestic market, which are then shipped to other countries at an additional cost to the environment.
I've been saying this for a while now. Especially with the algae setup, IMHO we could eventually produce enough biodiesel to completely cover the U.S. market. Why this hasn't been done...IMHO they're putting too much faith into the hydrogen fuel concept, and as a result are not bothering with looking seriously into anything else. Given how far away hydrogen fuel appears to be from being a feasible power source for everyone, to me, this is a really bad idea...

I hope that someone in the Bush administration will realize this and take action to allow it to nice if something good came out of the next 4 years...
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