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Big Bowser
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Greetings, I have an 85 190E 2.3, I got the car about 1 year ago when I first got it the PO told me that he had to warm up the car for about 2 minutes before it would run right. Sure enough if you did not let the car run at an idle for a minute or two you were not able to accelerate. It would "backfire" through the throttle body and die. It would start right up and idle fine, you could just not bring it above an idle without it stalling (till it warmed up a little) then it would run fine. I checked the fuse on the overload protection relay and it was blown, I replaced it and it solved the problem. A couple of months later it started to do the same thing. I checked the fuse and it was good, I tried replacing the overload relay and it fixed the problem. (I thought) It was fine for about 3 months now it is doing it again, the fuse was good so I tried another relay, it is still doing the same thing. Once it is slightly warm it will run fine, I also tried replacing the coolant temp. sensor on the head to no avail. Help! (sorry for the long post). Frustrated in California, Phill
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