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Glad to provide you with whatever is needed and if descriptive language is not enough, I could make a drawing and mail it to you. I use four roof carrier clips, front, back and on each side. The four straps from the clips are connected to a "D" ring and the "D" ring is connected to the block and tackle with another fitting from the boat store that I don't know its name. (It is a "U" with a bolt across the opening of the "U"; I think it is called a shackle). I use sailboat parts because I know that they are good quality and strong. I used nylon buckles to on the webbing (also from the boat store) to secure them and provide the adjustment. I looped the webbing around both the "D" ring and clip with one buckle (two layers of webbing). When adjusted, the top should lift straight up. The "D" ring will be fairly far back almost above the window.

Make sure that your ceiling eyebolt is in a good joist ... try hanging on it (better to fail with you that your top over your car). Don't forget an eyebolt to secure the rope after you have raised the top.

The roof carrier clips are available at the "tire" or automotive section of Sears. They are for car top carriers and they come in a couple of styles for different cars. I choose the "black" one with the biggest lip.

As you start to lift the top, the webbing will stretch. Don't worry about it; just tighten the loops a little. Also, adjust the loops so that the top lifts straight up without tilting. It makes it easier to reinstall if it can be lowered to sit directly on the car without having to lower and tilt it at the same time.

I also put four smaller eyebolts in the ceiling to tie up each corner of the top. I just make a loop in the end of a line from each bolt so that I could lift top up and slide the loop over the peg in the top. This raises the top enough so I can walk under it without bumping my head and keeps it from swinging or twisting around.

My old lift had straps that went all of the way around from side to side with the third strap going from the D ring to the center of the other strap under the top. It worked well but was a pain to install because you needed to raise the back of the top to get the strap under it before you could lift the top. This lift had spring clips on the loops to connect them to the D ring (that allowed you to un-hook the straps to get them around the top).

This lift is plenty strong for any top. My 230SL top is relatively light but my 190SL top is very heavy.

Good luck and happy building

Jim Villers
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