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I have to chime in here.....I also belive that quality has suffered in the latest models.
But I think you have to remember MB is trying to remain competitive. I have a 1992 S class that has a 72K window sticker.You can buy a brand new S for that today. Sure the new S doesn't have the handwork in it like mine...but I am unsure in todays market if people would be willing to pay $20-25 more for handwork. The cars would be priced out of the market.In todays world most people think the LS 430 exudes quality.Its price is 7-8 cheaper than the S430 with the same features...and what if the S430 was 30K more many would they sell?...get the point?
Its all about making money and shareholder equity...todays market is very bottom line can't build products and wait for the market to have to build products that fit the market.If MB decides that the market will pay 150K for a car ..then I think it will be built...maybe it already is...I think they are going to call it the Maybach? maybe some of you guys that are quality fiends need to step up to the plate and put your deposits down on one of those
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